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Chen to head biology for program aiming to produce preclinical candidates

Jeanan Yasiri Moe
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威斯康星州麦迪逊. – WARF疗法, the multimillion-dollar initiative to advance UW-born biological discoveries into active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and on to market, 生物系主任来了. Hongmin陈, 最近在波士顿的默克十大正规靠谱网赌平台实验室, will direct small molecule drug 发现 from the early stages of target validation to the cusp of the clinic, 利用WARF的“虚拟药物发现”模型.

“The drug development enterprise at UW-Madison has received a world-class addition in Hongmin陈,艾弗森说, 的首席执行官WARF. “Her depth of translational experience and leadership qualities will help us drive projects to success and, 最终, enable WARF疗法 to deliver on our mission to advance solutions to patients. Her biological expertise complements the top-notch medicinal chemistry experience of the team.”

Chen brings more than 20 years of industry experience dedicated to drug development of small molecules, 生物制剂和肽. 她的十大正规靠谱网赌平台领域包括炎症和自身免疫, 癌症和immuno-oncology, 以及神经退行性疾病.

在她新的角色中, Chen will provide guidance and probe opportunities around the biology of disease and bring expertise to target validation, assay development and pharmacology that is critical to the 发现 of preclinical drug candidates. 和WARF十大正规靠谱网赌平台团队的其他成员一起, she will engage with UW-Madison researchers studying diseases as well as researchers developing technologies to treat and/or correct diseases.

“作为生物系主任, Hongmin陈 brings vital knowledge and mechanistic know-how to existing expertise at WARF疗法,约翰·德努说, professor of biomolecular chemistry at the School of Medicine and Public Health. “She will be instrumental in guiding the relevant biology of home-grown projects, and in finding the most efficient path towards realization of therapeutic potential.

“她填补了药物开发过程中的一个基本需求, allowing WARF疗法 to now operate with the broad expertise critical for the various stages of drug development. WARF疗法 is creating a one-stop shop that endows UW researchers with the ability to translate their work without having to start their own company.”

他还是默克公司的首席科学家, Chen led efforts to build translational disease models that effectively bridged preclinical and clinical development. Her experience includes senior roles at Biogen, Interleuken Genetics and Zycos. 陈女士获得了博士学位.D. in biochemistry from the University of Vermont and was a postdoctoral fellow at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute where she studied the mechanisms of HIV.


Today more than 30 percent of FDA-approved novel new compounds originate in research universities. 具有潜在的高价值回报, universities across the country are investing heavily in drug 发现 programs. But championing campus-born innovations through preclinical hurdles requires resources and expertise.

WARF十大正规靠谱网赌平台团队 “药物猎人” is tasked with exactly that – identifying the most commercially promising biological target discoveries on campus, 识别和优化小分子药物候选, and navigating those assets through the technical stages to make them attractive to development partners.

这个十大正规靠谱网赌平台, 2018年推出, 利用虚拟药物发现模型, meaning much of the technical sifting and winnowing is conducted through contract research organizations.

这个模型是新的,但是它的目标和WARF本身一样古老. 自1925年以来, WARF和威斯康辛大学麦迪逊分校合作根除佝偻病, make warfarin one of the most successful blood thinners in history, and bring lifesaving vitamin D therapies to millions of patients.

" 80%的疾病十大正规靠谱网赌平台无法治愈"

As a student in one of China’s most prestigious medical schools, 陈洪敏回忆起改变她人生道路的一段插曲. 一个病人, 坐在轮椅上, imploring the doctors to remove the tumor that crippled his spinal cord, 医生拒绝. 他们说肿瘤不是恶性的, and the operation carried the risk of totally paralyzing the man.

我也不在乎”那人说. “Just take the tumor and do the research so you can learn how to prevent these things from happening.”

“我想,我在这里做什么?”陈. “Maybe I should have finished my medical degree but I was young and knew then I wanted to do research. 这就是我来美国的原因.S.去读博士学位.D.,做十大正规靠谱网赌平台.”

Her journey would take her to industry and among the titans in the field. 她在那里取得了成功, learning that communication and respect are key to leading high stakes projects. 但现在,她渴望新的挑战.

她表示:“产业界和学术界密切相关。. “You need academia to do innovative research, to find new ideas. But you need industry to turn them into a final product that eventually benefits patients. 学术界和产业界不能单独做到这一点.”

对病人经历的反思是陈的个人经历, 谁的父亲被诊断出患有胰腺癌.

“这对病人和家属来说都是痛苦的. 每次我想到它,我就觉得,这太疯狂了. You see the tumor cell that is crazily growing, and you feel like you can’t do anything about it.”

Chen says she is eager to engage with faculty and partners across campus, 比如碳碳癌症中心, 共同寻求解决未被满足的医疗需求.

“还有很多工作要做,”她说. “我必须坚持下去.”

The 威斯康星校友十大正规靠谱网赌平台基金会 (WARF) helps steward the cycle of research, 发现, commercialization and investment for the University of Wisconsin-Madison. 成立于1925年作为一个独立的, 非营利性基金会, WARF管理超过2个,000 patents and an investment portfolio as it funds university research, obtains patents for campus discoveries and licenses inventions to industry. 欲了解更多信息,请访问 ksq9.com.

Consistent with its mission to support UW-Madison research and make a global impact, WARF疗法 is a major initiative to move new pharmaceuticals closer to market. 这个十大正规靠谱网赌平台 will take select assets and lead them through preclinical development, 走向商业化,造福人类生活. 更多的在 ksq9.com/therapeutics.